Session One


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Personal SWOT Analysis Template:

Perfect Day Exercise:

Presentation Slides

Session Two

Bonus Video on Weaknesses

Someone in the group asked some excellent questions about “Weaknesses” as laid out in this session – many people said the resulting video response helped clarify things for them. Here it is!

Root Cause Tree Exercise

Homework for this week:

  1. Do the Root Cause Tree exercise (or, if elaborate charts aren’t your thing, meditate, have a conversation with a trusted friend or advisor, journal, or ask “Why” 5 times…)
  2. Write down:
    1. Your Undesirable Effect
    2. What you think the Root Cause is.

Presentation Slides

Session Three

Homework for this week:

  1. Fill out The Big 3 Worksheet. Post your Big 3 in the Facebook group for feedback!


Session Four

Weekly Review Template:

Quarterly Review Template

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