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Hi. My name is Dan. And this is a project about smart, creative people.

I love smart, creative people.

I love their work, and I think they could do enormous amounts of good in the world. They seem to get what life can be about.

And I love business. I love that it forces us to (ideally, anyway) put skin in the game; how it encourages us to find a better way, to be more productive, to be more valuable.

But for most of my life, these two worlds never met.

The smart, creative people seemed unmoored by their own creative forces, unable to make the impact they desired. It all felt futile.

And the capable businesspeople I worked with were adept at making an impact, incredibly effective at whatever they turned their hands to…but lacked any feeling for a deeper, more meaningful side to life. It all felt empty.

NoLessThan.com is an experiment at combining the best of the two:

  • The productivity, rationality, and mental models of business
  • And the depth of feeling, sense of purpose, and desire for impact of art.

In short:

I want to build an army of smart, creative, and empathetic people…

Armed with the very best tools of the world of business…

And to set them loose on the world.

But what the fuck haveĀ you done?

Fair question. More than some, less than many.

I am best known for my musical output in the bands HAVE A NICE LIFE, Giles Corey, Black Wing, and In Pieces. I’m also one of the founders of the underground record label ENEMIES LIST HOME RECORDINGS.

I also started and grew an online marketing agency to over 2 million dollars in revenue per year, employing 7 people full-time, while working 4 days a week.


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